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As you will be aware, the Sport Inverclyde Grant Award Scheme has been administering the award of grants to individuals, (both athletes and coaches) and clubs for some considerable time.


However, the Sport Inverclyde Executive Committee has been in discussion recently with the organisers of the Inverclyde Sports Personality Awards and both have agreed to a change in the existing system in that the organisers of the Inverclyde Sports Personality Awards will now receive and administer all grant applications received from individuals while the Sport Inverclyde Grant Award Scheme will receive and administer all grant applications received from clubs and coaches.


Please see attached the new Inverclyde Sports Personality Awards Grant Application Form.


The Sport Inverclyde Grant Award Scheme Application Form including Terms and Conditions for Clubs and Coaches is available on its website:


If you have any questions on the new Inverclyde Sports Personality Awards Grant Scheme, please contact David McCorkindale of Inverclyde Leisure at  




1.    Sport Inverclyde’s Grant Aid Scheme is intended to assist sports clubs including members of those clubs in the development of sport.

2.    The Scheme’s objectives are to award grants which will: 

•    Develop sporting potential. 
•    Increase participation in numbers. 
•    Improve performance standards 
•    Improve coaching and officiating standards 
•    Develop new sporting opportunities 
•    Encourage participation in higher level competition.

3.    Sport Inverclyde (SI) will only consider applications for Grant Aid from clubs who have who have been affiliated to SI for a period of more than three months. In addition Grant Aid Applications may also be submitted by individual members of these same clubs.

4.    Individual Grant Aid applications are welcome from all age groups and abilities, (including physical disabilities) ranging from young athletes through to 'Masters'. 

5.    In exceptional cases where no club exists in the Inverclyde area, applications will be considered from individuals who have been affiliated to SI for a period of more than three months.

6.    In all individual Grant Aid Applications, applicants must demonstrate that they reside within the Inverclyde area for more than seven months of the year. Students whose home address is in the Inverclyde area will qualify for Grant Aid.

7.    Sport Inverclyde (SI) will consider each Grant Aid Application on merit, and the awarding of a grant, must not under any circumstances, be assumed by the applicant.

8.    All grant applicants will require to provide details of all other sources of financial assistance which he/she is in receipt of, or which he/she has applied for, from both statutory agencies and voluntary associations. Sport Inverclyde may be able to advise on other sources of income. 

9.    Grant applications will not be considered from applicants who are in receipt of lottery funding or from individuals or clubs for projects involving capital expenditure.

10.    Sport Inverclyde’s Grant Aid Scheme aims to supplement rather than to replace voluntary effort, and all applicants must show evidence of commitment and performance. This is especially appropriate for those applying for grants for Governing Body Coaching Courses.

11.    Ideally Grant Applications must be made in advance of the project and will not be awarded for any expenditure incurred before the grant application has been received. An exception to this may be for overnight subsistence allowance when agreed payment will be refunded on the production of a receipt. 

12.    Sport Inverclyde reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a grant, if the grant is not used within six months of being awarded.

13.    Sport Inverclyde’s Grant’s Sub – Committee will meet once each month, therefore Grant Aid  Applications may be made at any time. Applications will be considered at the earliest opportunity and the outcome will be communicated to the applicant as quickly as possible. 

14.    If for whatever reason a decision cannot be reached about a Grant Aid Application at its first submission to the SI Grant Aid Sub Committee it will be retained until the next meeting.  Applicants will be advised if this happens.

15.    Grant Aid will not be considered for general administration or routine maintenance purposes. 

16.    In normal circumstances, Grant Aid will be at the rate of no more than 50% of eligible expenditure up to a maximum of £250 for clubs and individuals. The combined total of Grant Aid awarded to a club and its individual members will not exceed £600 in any one year.

17.    The assistance of Sport Inverclyde should be acknowledged in publicity material promoted by a successful club applicant.

18.    Where an equipment grant is awarded, it must be ensured that the equipment is wholly owned, controlled and maintained by the club. In addition it must have a CE mark. 

19.    Equipment purchased with a Sport Inverclyde grant will not be disposed of without prior consultation with the sports council. 

20.    If the club is disbanded, any equipment purchased with a Sport Inverclyde grant should be returned to the sports council, if not, the club will remain financially liable to Sport Inverclyde for the grant sum.


1.    Grants are available for the following:-

a)    New Club start up

b)    Club Equipment

c)    Player Improvement

d)    Coach Education/Development

e)    Special Events

f)    Representative Duties

g)    District Squads

h)    Ad Hoc at the discretion of the committee



2.    To apply for an Excellence Grant, individuals, teams or groups will have to demonstrate that they have reached a governing body of sport Regional or National standard. These grants will be awarded specifically for travel or training expenses while at representative level.

3.    Applicants for Excellence Grants should be aware that because of the limited funds available for this category of grant, consideration will be taken of previous Excellence grants awarded to them by Sport Inverclyde and by other agencies.


4.    All applications for the Grant Aid Scheme should be made on the appropriate form ensuring that a copy of the club’s audited accounts or most recent balance sheet is  submitted with each application.             

5.        All applications must be signed by the club secretary and countersigned by the
           club chairman. 

6.        Applications Form available from:
Sport Inverclyde’s Secretary, 
c/o Greenock Cricket Club

Brisbane St,



PA16 8NY

7.       Completed applications forms should be sent the address above.  


Notwithstanding the above, Sport Inverclyde may, at its discretion, award grants for amounts, purposes and categories other than those specified above.

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